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The www.caljobs.ca.gov is a website that was set up by the California government to assist the residents of California in searching for jobs. Aside from this, the website also has a link for the website of the job services of the Employment Development Department of California. This site is aimed at facilitating the needs of both employers and workers. Basically, the website’s aim is to “meet California’s changing needs”.


What is www.caljobs.ca.gov?

EDD or the Employment Development Department of California is the State’s labor exchange department that was developed for the purpose of meeting the challenges that the job seekers of California is faced with in this 21st century. Their purpose is to increase the efficiency as well as improve their services in order to assist those who are looking for jobs and www.caljobs.ca.gov is vital in achieving their goals. With the help of the website, users will be able to search for the right kind of job for them. The website provides an easy to use system as well as automated applications to assist them in looking for jobs. The system used on the site also assists employers who are looking for potential employees to fill in their job openings.

Job Hunting Sites We Should All Use

If you are looking for work or a way of advancing both your career and your pay packet, you’ll need to source the best job hunting sites from the internet. Gone now are the days when we would walk down to the local employment offices, job agencies or recruitment centres and look on the boards for any good jobs available.

Job Hunting Sites Job Hunting Sites and the Internet

There are hundreds of job hunting sites on the internet and some of them will provide you with exclusive access to job openings that are not seen anywhere else on the internet. Link Up is a job search engine that will show you all the vacancies in a given trade or profession that is available in your city or zip code area. The search engine is always up to date and when a company has filled a vacancy and subsequently removed it from its listings, Link Up will update its records so you don’t have to go hunting for a job that no longer exists, or has been filled.

Many of the job opportunities that feature on Link Up are taken from the company websites and not from job boards accessible on most job hunting sites.

Jobs in Southern California

Perhaps you have spent years of your life living in the chilly New England states or have had enough of the Illinois winters, well if that is the case you may want to consider a change in lifestyle, work and a career. Your first task is to look for jobs in Southern California. In this region you will find plenty of jobs in just about every trade.

Jobs in Southern CaliforniaThe region is vast and stretches from Santa Barbara on the Pacific coast all the way down to the Mexican border. There is a large urban area here covering one of the world’s most famous cities – Los Angeles.

Jobs in Southern California in the Construction Industry

There is a great demand at present for superintendents to fill a growing number of vacancies in the construction sector. Development is always thriving in the region and this has been the catalyst for plenty of jobs in Southern California. Construction recruitment agencies in the cities of Bakersfield and San Diego are searching hard for skilled supervisors who can plan and arrange a meeting that will establish a plan of transition from estimation to full project management on site. It is one of those jobs in Southern California that’ll require you to wear that yellow hard hat but you can expect a healthy wage packet at the end of each month.

EDD CalJOBS –What Is this Website For?

EDD, also known as the Employment Development Department, is the organization behind the EDD CalJOBS website. The EDD is considered the biggest state department in California, which has various employees on more than a hundred service locations all over the state. They have been providing services for both job seekers and employers for more than 70 years in an effort to improve California’s economy. The three main users of the EDD CalJOBS site are the Claimants, Job seekers as well as the Employers.

EDD Caljobs


Those who receive claims from the government, either through unemployment eligibility, or disability eligibility, would need to refer to the “Claimants” section which can be found on the homepage of the site. Under this section of the EDD CalJOBS website, you will find three categories – one is for the unemployed, another is for the paid family leave and third is for disability claims.

Job Seekers

If you are a job seeker, you will need to refer to the “Job Seeker” link on the homepage of EDD CalJOBS, where you can find the following:

• Find Training
• Job Fairs and Workshops
• More Help for the Unemployed
• One-Stop Career Centers
• Online Job Center
• Veterans Services

CalJOBS Sign In Page

CalJOBS is a website that was set up in order to help both the job seekers as well as employers in the state of California. This easy to use online facility helps job seekers in looking for the right job for them, and at the same time, the website assists employers to look for the right employees to work for their company. Before you can make use of the site, you will need to register for an account. For those who already have an account, all they need to do is to access the CalJOBS sign in link and key in their user ID or PIN as well as their password.

CalJOBS Sign InLogin Options

On the homepage of the website, you will find three CalJOBS sign in links to log in. The first is for the Employer, the second is for the Job Seeker and the third is for the Spanish version.

Employer Sign In

If you are an employer and you need to CalJOBS sign in, you simply need to refer to the homepage of the website and click on “Login” right below the button that says Employer. If you click on the button to log in, a page will open up that will ask you to key-in your PIN as well as your password. After that, you click on continue so you can proceed. For those who forgot their PIN or Password, there is a link that says “forgot your PIN or Password”.

Everything you Need to know about the CalJOBS Register Procedure

CalJOBS is a web portal that’s set up by California’s Employment Development Department in order to help facilitate the match between employers as well as qualified workers in the state of California. It is an easy to use web portal that is aimed at assisting both the employers and the job seekers. Employers can benefit from the site by using it to locate any potential employees while jobseekers can make use of the site to look for any available employment. The employers as well as the job seekers would have to go through the CalJOBS register procedure in order to make use of this online facility.

Employer Registration Procedure

If you are an employer from California and you want to make use of CalJOBS to look for potential employees to hire, you need to go through the CalJOBS register process which you can access by simply clicking on the “Register” button right below the employer section of the homepage of the website. When you click on this, you will be taken to a page that will provide you with some pre-registration information. After you read through this, simply click on continue to be taken to the online registration form.

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